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This is Faraway Weddings of Koh Samui Thailand, we offer beach weddings at our own private venue here in Koh samui, more information can be found at

We are a full sevice wedding company operating on Koh Samui, an island in the south of Thailand, from our offices located in Chaweng beach, Koh Samui. We have our own private beach venue and we are dedicated to the job of weddings, its what we do ! We have staff dedicated to the job of wedding planning, have been in business many years and have many happy customers who got married with us !

We offer

  • Our own private beachside wedding venue
  • Other private venues
  • Many with a variety of locations and styles
  • , , , , , and
  • Full assistance with all the legal paperwork, so you can enjoy your holiday and not be stuck in Bangkok for days visiting embassies & goverment offices
  • Easy contact - Toll free numbers, internet chat.
  • A team of Thai & western professionals who know how to make your wedding a success, and have done this many times before.
  • A selected team of vendors providing top class services e.g. photography, videography, catering, flower decoration, wedding favors, entertainment
  • from happy customers with references available on request, so you can talk to other couples married with us
  • Accomodation assistance and discounts for your guests
  • A full selection of pre & post wedding activities for yourself and your guests

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